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Lara Nugues

Former student at Henri IV School, holder of a Master's degree in History of Philosophy and a Master's degree in French Literature, both obtained at Sorbonne-University, as well as a Master's degree in teaching (MEEF) obtained at the INSPE in Paris, I am currently preparing a thesis at the University of Basel provisionally entitled Couplets et humour dans le vaudeville théâtral (1830 -1835).

As part of the PRIMA FNS project, Mining the Comic Verse, directed by Pr. Dr. Anne-Sophie Bories, my thesis aims to analyse the history and poetics of a popular French theatrical genre, the Vaudeville, by focusing on its distinctive and original feature – the use of couplets – and by producing a previously-unedited corpus which will be analyzed by statistical methods, in distant reading. In addition to these computational methods, more traditional analyses, in close reading, will be carried out, combining score studies, reflections on the relationship between literature and history, and analysis of the performative dimension of the plays. The main aim is to bring out and understand this little-known genre, to outline its poetics and at the same time to broaden the history of versified forms, as well as to raise the problem of the relationship between verse, music and humour.


"Le Royaume des femmes, geste humoristique contre le pouvoir des hommes ou cynisme des dominants ?", Le pouvoir du rire-rire du pouvoir : humour, discours et politique, Craiova, University of Craiova, Inalco, University Lumière Lyon 2, 19-20 May 2022.

"Vaudevilles du début de la Monarchie de Juillet: enjeux de formage d'un corpus alliant vers et chant", Texte et musique: relations croisées, Basel, University of Basel, 10 June 2022.

With Nils Couturier, "Constructing a TIMBRE Database: Handling Popular Tunes Reuses", Plotting Poetry 5 - Popular Voices, Tartu, Estonian Literary Museum - Estonian Folklore Archive, 4-6 July 2022.

With Nils Couturier, "Vers écrit, vers chanté, vers inaudible", Archives sonores de poésie 2, Dans la bibliothèque des voix, Paris, Sorbonne University, University Paris Cité, 17-19 November 2022.